Association << Les Enfants De L' Alma >>

The founding partners of Alma Capital created the charity « Les Enfants de l’Alma » in 2006 to support educational projects and to assist underprivileged children worldwide.
The association’s annual budget represents about 10% of the Group’s net profit.
Most of Alma Capital’s employees are members of the association and collectively select projects, which then benefit from the support of the association. We fund projects on a long-term basis, supporting them every year and following up on their actions as often as we can.
Three of the main projects we assist are the Vanessa Grant Girl’s college (since 2009), Tricotez Coeur (since 2010), and Flying High For Kids (since 2015).

Vanessa Grant Girls' College

Vanessa Grant Girls’ College is an all-girl boarding school in Kenya, which intends to become one of the best schools in the country. Since 2009, Les Enfants de l’Alma provides the college annual funding which allows the school to finance dozens of scholarships for young women from modest backgrounds.
The school regularly updates us on its projects and we keep track of the girls we sponsor.

Flying High for Kids

Flying High for Kids World Balloon Project was launched in 2013 by Andrew, a hot air balloon pilot who decided to use his passion for flying to change the lives of children around the world. Flying High for Kids seeks to reach communities in over 100 countries by 2018. We fund this project as we believe helping children fulfil their dreams has a lasting impact on their lives.

Tricotez Coeur

Tricotez Cœur (literally “Heartedly Knit”) is a network of grandmothers and elder women in France, who often live alone. They get together to knit garments for newborn babies whose mothers are in difficulty. This charity has dual impact, contributing to keep newborns warm while they are still very fragile, and helping elderly people get together to knit and build relationships this way. We have been supporting this association since the year 2010.