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Fund Inception 7 August 2015

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The performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. The investment return and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Strategy & Manager

Funds Strategy

Alma Platinum Quantica Managed Futures is an open-ended UCITS compliant fund with Quantica Capital AG acting as Investment Manager. The
Investment Strategy intends to gain exposure to global exchange-traded futures markets (equity indices, bonds, interest rates, currencies and commodities), all in accordance with Quantica’s proprietary systematic investment strategy. It aims to detect and take advantage of medium-term trend-following market inefficiencies in the futures markets. It has low long-term correlation to traditional asset classes and offers diversification to both traditional and non-traditional investment portfolios. The Fund is highly style-consistent and follows a robust approach.

Investment Manager

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Bruno Gmür, Quantica Capital AG is a Swiss alternative asset manager specialized in systematic investment strategies.

The Quantica Managed Futures Program (QMF) is managed according to proprietary systematic and quantitative models with a focus on sophisticated data analysis, portfolio construction, execution and risk management techniques.

Quantica’s investment philosophy centers on the conviction that quality risk-adjusted returns can be systematically exploited from liquid markets.

Quantica’s objective is to deliver intelligent portfolio diversification.

Key Persons

Dr Bruno Gmür, Chief Investment Officer

Dr Bruno Gmür is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Quantica Capital. Previously, he held positions at Swiss Re in financial reinsurance structuring and at Bank Julius Baer, where he was head of the quantitative team in the chief investment office and a voting member of the bank’s strategic asset allocation committee. Before that, he was teaching graduate courses in game theory and financial economics at the University of Zurich.
Bruno holds a Ph.D. in financial economics from the University of Zurich (Dr. oec. publ., “summa cum laude”) and a master degree in mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). He is a qualified actuary and full member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.

Statistics & Commentary


The performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. The investment return and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Investment Manager's Commentary

as of 31/12/2020


The Quantica Managed Futures Program returned -1.41% in March 2021, bringing its year-to-date net performance to 8.26%.

The Program’s returns were predominantly driven by its exposure to the reflationary trade, put in place by long positions in energy and commodity currencies, as well as short positions in most of the bond futures. Commodities and FX contributed a negative -40bps or -50bps respectively for the month of March. The short bond exposure, on the other hand, contributed a positive 70bps.

With roughly -70bps, the Program’s equity positions contributed negatively to this month’s performance, mostly driven by short positions in European index futures. Noteworthy exceptions were the positively contributing long positions in the FTSE Taiwan and the Topix. The QMF Program’s equity risk allocation remains at an unusually low level of 15bps, which is less than a sixth of its long-term average. This is especially remarkable given the fact that many equity markets keep hovering around their all-time highs. This reflects the way in which the QMF Program, by measuring trends on a relative and risk-adjusted basis, currently identifies stronger trend opportunities in commodity, bond and currency markets than in equity markets.

As with equities, the QMF Program’s overall risk allocation remained fairly stable throughout March, with the Program’s main risk exposures to short bond and long commodity positions hovering at around 90bps and 105bps in terms of one-day VaR 99%, respectively. The Program’s risk allocation to commodities – driven predominantly by long positions in energy futures – reached historically high levels towards the end of the month. Only once in the last eight years (back in January 2016) did the Program display a similar exposure to commodities.

In contrast, the Program reduced its short Dollar risk exposure by almost a third in March, following a material and persistent strengthening of the US Dollar from its end-of-February lows versus all major currencies.

The QMF Program’s general asset allocation remains stable, and the portfolio is still well-positioned to benefit from a reflationary market environment.

Facts & Documents


Fund Domicile: Luxembourg


Fund Launch: 7 August 2015

Base Currency: USD

Depositary, Administrator, Transfert Agent: RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.

Dealing: Each day with a 1-day notice

Cut-off time: 3 pm CET

Management Company: Alma Capital Investment Management

Investment Manager: Quantica Capital AG

Countries where the fund is registered:
Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, UK

Sustainability-related disclosures:
The information related to the integration of sustainability risks and to the potential adverse sustainability impacts at the sub-fund level can be found in the prospectus of the Fund.


ISIN: LU1869434909   Ticker: DPQI1CC LX    Launch: 14 Jun 2017

ISIN: LU1869435039   Ticker: DPQI1CE LX    Launch: 18 Apr 2019

ISIN: LU1869434818   Ticker: DPQI1CG LX    Launch: 26 Apr 2018

ISIN: LU1869435112   Ticker: DQMIICU LX    Launch: 11 Apr 2019

ISIN: LU1869435385   Ticker: DPQI2CE LX    Launch: 28 Oct 2016

ISIN: LU1869435203   Ticker: DPQI2CU LX    Launch: 30 Jun 2017

ISIN: LU1869435898   Ticker: DPQI3CC LX    Launch: 7 Aug 2015

ISIN: LU1869435542   Ticker: DPQI3CE LX    Launch: 7 Aug 2015

ISIN: LU1869435625   Ticker: DPQI3CG LX    Launch: 7 Aug 2015

ISIN: LU1869435468   Ticker: DPQI3CU LX    Launch: 7 Aug 2015

ISIN: LU1869435971   Ticker: DPQI4CC LX    Launch: 10 Dec 2015

ISIN: LU1869436193   Ticker: DPQI4CE LX    Launch: 19 Jul 2016

ISIN: LU1869436276   Ticker: DPQI4CU LX    Launch: 4 Sep 2015

ISIN: LU1869436359   Ticker: DPQI5CE LX    Launch: 13 Feb 2019

ISIN: LU1869436433   Ticker: DPQI5CU LX    Launch: 19 Feb 2019

ISIN: LU1869434578   Ticker: DPQR1CC LX    Launch: 27 May 2016

ISIN: LU1869434651   Ticker: DPQR1CE LX    Launch: 21 Oct 2015

ISIN: LU1869434735   Ticker: DPQR1CG LX    Launch: 9 Nov 2016