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Fund Inception 30 June 2010

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The performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. The investment return and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Strategy & Manager

Funds Strategy

Alma Platinum IV Systematic Alpha (the “Fund”) is an open-ended UCITS compliant fund with Winton Capital Management Ltd (“Winton”) acting as Portfolio Manager. The Investment Strategy is a systematic strategy based on the Winton Diversified Macro Strategy as adapted to comply with UCITS. The underlying investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that the scientific method can be profitably applied to the field of investing. The Investment Strategy is a computer-based trading system owned and operated by Winton which is designed to speculatively trade global exchange-traded futures, forwards and options markets on commodities (e.g. energies, base and precious metals and crops), equity indices, bonds, short-term interest rates and currencies. The Fund invests directly in (1) financial futures (including bonds, FX, equity, interest rates), FX forwards and other OTC derivatives (the “Direct Investments”), (2) transferable securities providing exposure to a basket of commodity futures (the “Commodity Basket”), and (3) sovereign bonds, cash or other cash equivalent securities for cash management purposes. Winton has been appointed as Portfolio Manager of the Fund and is responsible for managing the Direct Investments. Winton is also responsible for determining the composition of the Commodity Basket that is referenced by the transferable securities purchased by the Fund. State Street Global Advisors, as the Investment Manager of the Fund, is responsible for the allocation of cash to support the margin and settlement obligations in relation to the Direct Investments as well as the buying and selling of the transferable securities and for managing the surplus cash.

Investment Manager

Winton is a global investment manager founded in 1997 specialising in systematic trading through scientific research and statistical analysis
techniques to develop proprietary trading systems (for the international asset markets.

Winton pursues a diversified trading strategy which does not necessarily rely on favourable conditions in any particular market or on general appreciation of asset values. The research focused company is led by scientist David Harding (with a 25 year track record) and a team of 86 researchers.

Key Persons

David Harding
Founder , CEO & Co- CIO
David has been at the forefront of systematic investment management for 30 years. He has founded two successful investment management companies: the first, AHL, was sold to Man Group in 1994; he launched the second, Winton, in 1997. A graduate of Cambridge University, David received a first-class Honours degree in natural sciences, specialising in theoretical physics. He founded Winton on the continuing belief that there exist long-term rewards for scientific research into financial markets.

Jonathan Duke
Jonathan is jointly responsible for Winton’s investment management activities and is a member of Winton’s Investment Board. Jonathan was previously Chief Risk Officer and before that Head of Investment Systems and Assistant Chief Investment Officer. He has led several key research projects and was integral to the development of Winton’s successful China business.
Jonathan joined Winton in 2004, as a software developer, moving into the Research division in 2006 after completing a Master’s degree in machine learning at University College London. He holds a BEng in information systems engineering from Imperial College.

Carsten Schmitz
Head of Research
Carsten is responsible for the management of Winton’s quantitative research division. He chairs Winton’s Research Management Board and is a member of Winton’s Investment Board.
Prior to assuming his current role, Carsten oversaw the management and development of Winton’s investment strategy, having previously led the firm’s research in Zurich. Carsten joined Winton in 2008 as a senior scientist, after earning a Diploma in physics with distinction from RWTH Aachen in Germany and a PhD with distinction in particle physics from the University of Zurich. For his PhD and postdoctoral position, Carsten worked at the DESY collider facility in Hamburg, analysing data from high-energy particle collisions.

Dan Mercer
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Dan works closely with the Co-CIOs and leads the oversight and development of Winton’s quantitative long-short and long-only equity strategies. Since joining Winton in 2005, Dan has been central to Winton’s research into single-stock equities and is responsible for leading the development of many of the signals that form the basis of the firm’s equity systems. Prior to joining Winton, Dan was reading for a Doctorate in applied statistics at the University of Oxford, specialising in geological fault detection in digital elevation maps. Dan holds first-class degrees in applied statistics from the University of Oxford and mathematical statistics & operational research from the University of Exeter.

Statistics & Commentary


The performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. The investment return and the principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Investment Manager's Commentary

as of 28/08/2020


Global equities built on their November gains in the final month of the year, as the MSCI World rose by 4.2%. Information technology and consumer discretionary stocks continued to outperform, while the materials sector was boosted by rising metal prices, with iron ore and silver rallying by a fifth over the month. Energy and crop prices were also buoyant in this environment. WTI crude oil neared $50 a barrel for the first time since February, whereas the corn and soybean markets rose to their highest levels since June 2014. Elsewhere, fixed income markets were mixed and the US dollar continued to weaken against most major currencies.

Positioning in metals, agriculture and currencies drove the fund’s gain in December. Both technical and fundamental signals contributed positively to performance. The two signal groups were on the right side of uptrends in precious metals and crops, where long silver and soybean positions were the top individual contributors to returns. Gains in currencies, meanwhile, were driven by technical signals, which profited from the downtrend in the US dollar, with a long Australian dollar position leading the gains. Long stock index positions made a further positive contribution to performance.

Facts & Documents


Fund Domicile: Luxembourg


Fund Launch: 30 June 2010

Base Currency: USD

Depositary, Administrator, Transfert Agent: RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.

Dealing: Each day with a 1-day notice

Cut-off time: 3 pm CET

Management Company: Alma Capital Investment Management

Investment Manager: Winton Capital Management Ltd

Countries where the fund is registered:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom


ISIN: LU0627756538   Ticker: DBSI1CC LX    Launch: 8 Jun 2011

ISIN: LU0462954396   Ticker: DBSI1CE LX    Launch: 30 Jun 2011

ISIN: LU0462954552   Ticker: DBSI1CG LX    Launch: 10 Nov 2011

ISIN: LU0562752823   Ticker: DBPI1CS LX    Launch: 17 Oct 2018

ISIN: LU0562752823   Ticker: DBPI1CS LX    Launch: 17 Oct 2018

ISIN: LU0462954479   Ticker: DBSI1CU LX    Launch: 30 Jun 2010

ISIN: LU1106524371   Ticker: DBSI1DG LX    Launch: 24 Sep 2014

ISIN: LU1106524454   Ticker: DBSI1DU LX    Launch: 18 Jul 2018

ISIN: LU1125015500   Ticker: DBPI5CE LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1394176827   Ticker: DBSI5CG LX    Launch: 30 Jun 2016

ISIN: LU1125015336   Ticker: DBPI5CU LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1266813309   Ticker: DBPSI5D LX    Launch: 26 Aug 2015

ISIN: LU0871989108   Ticker: DBSROCE LX    Launch: 30 Oct 2013

ISIN: LU0871989017   Ticker: DBSROCG LX    Launch: 17 Sep 2014

ISIN: LU0871988985   Ticker: DBPR0CU LX    Launch: 10 Jun 2015

ISIN: LU0559381560   Ticker: DBSR1CA LX    Launch: 9 Feb 2011

ISIN: LU0627757692   Ticker: DBSR1CC LX    Launch: 8 Jun 2011

ISIN: LU0462954800   Ticker: DBSRICE LX    Launch: 14 Jul 2010

ISIN: LU0462955013   Ticker: DBSR1CG LX    Launch: 22 Dec 2010

ISIN: LU0935837368   Ticker: DBSR1CN LX    Launch: 19 Jun 2013

ISIN: LU0562753474   Ticker: DBSR1CS LX    Launch: 8 Jun 2011

ISIN: LU0462954982   Ticker: DBSRICU LX    Launch: 14 Jul 2010

ISIN: LU1125015252   Ticker: DBPR5CG LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1125015096   Ticker: DBPR5CU LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1306442010   Ticker: DBPR6CG LX    Launch: 4 Nov 2015

ISIN: LU1125015922   Ticker: DBPR6CE LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1125015849   Ticker: DBPR6CG LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014

ISIN: LU1125015682   Ticker: DBPR6CU LX    Launch: 31 Oct 2014